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UK’s Leading Pharmaceutical Wholesaler and Exporter Pharmazon Global is a leading UK pharmaceutical wholesaler, distributor, and exporter. With ever-rising demand from the Middle East and African regions.pharmaceutical wholesaler & global exporter of high-quality pharmaceuticals & healthcare products , operating from the United Kingdom. We specialise in global supply to wholesalers, pharmacy groups, hospitals, private hospitals, specialist clinics, importers, distributors and many other authorised and licensed healthcare providers.




Floradix for Wholesale and Exports

Pharmazon Global is a leading wholesaler & global exporter of high-quality floradix products based in the affluent county of Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom.

Pharmazon Global continues to enhance the sourcing and supply of Floradix products from the UK & Europe. We have successfully established and enhanced our wholesale operations in UK & Europe over the last 20 years.

Salus has a long tradition and excellent reputation to maintain as a manufacturer of top-quality liquid supplements, tablets, herbal teas, and fresh plant juices. They use only the best available raw herbs and natural fruits, many of which are obtained from organic cultivation. Strict quality control measures are in place to ensure that our products are manufactured to the highest possible standards. Request Floradix Product Price list.

Floradix Full Range –

We are focused on supplying quality & affordable Floradix products to meet the growing demand by working closely with the public & private sectors in the UK.

An awareness of tradition, the tried and tested understanding of the healing power of herbs and the use of the most up-to-date technology all come together in the production of the Salus range.

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Floradix :

SALUS-Haus is a German company that manufacture herbal health food products, including their extremely popular brand, Floradix.

Founded in 1916 by Dr. Med. Greither, the company has been manufacturing health food products for over a century – an achievement which everyone associated with Salus is really proud of. To this day, SALUS Haus is still a family run business and is run by the founder’s son Otto Greither, alongside his fellow director, Dr. Florian Block.

From humble beginnings, SALUS Haus has grown to employ over 400 people at their headquarters in Bruckmühl, where the company plays an integral part of the local community. Demand for Salus products worldwide continues to increase and with exports to over 65 countries, our liquid supplements, tablets, herbal teas and plant juices are now enjoyed by people all over the world.

Why Choose Pharmazon Global? 

  • Partners beyond business – In today’s competitive world, Pharmazon does not only offer best business solutions but also works closely with all the partners as a part of our own team.
  • Enriched market Expertise – With 25 years of experience in the industry, our team is always keen to share the market knowledge, upcoming trends & every market intelligence with our partners.
  • Value Added-Tailored services – We always strive to offer our best tailored services & solutions to our partners by adding extra value to their business.
  • Short Lead Time (24/7) – We understand the necessity of right medication on right time. Hence, be it a small inquiry or a large order, our team is always on toes to respond in shortest lead time. (within 24 hours)
  • Wide Market Reach – Pharmazon has a global market presence in UK, EU, ME, India, Africa & always keen to expand to new markets.
  • Wide product Access – We have direct accounts with many leading manufacturers in UK & partnered with various main distributors across every country in EU, which allows us access to wide product portfolio.