Pharmazon Global

UK’s Leading Pharmaceutical Wholesaler and Exporter Pharmazon Global is a leading UK pharmaceutical wholesaler, distributor, and exporter. With ever-rising demand from the Middle East and African regions.pharmaceutical wholesaler & global exporter of high-quality pharmaceuticals & healthcare products , operating from the United Kingdom. We specialise in global supply to wholesalers, pharmacy groups, hospitals, private hospitals, specialist clinics, importers, distributors and many other authorised and licensed healthcare providers.




Pharmaceutical Exports for Ghana

Pharmazon Global is a leading wholesaler & global exporter of high-quality pharmaceuticals & healthcare products based in affluent county of Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom.

Pharmazon Global is well known for its pharma exports to Ghana. We are exporting to top quality pharmaceuticals products to Ghana from direct manufactures. We are UK’s leading exporter of pharmaceutical products like Generics, OTC, Vitamins and FMCG products.

Wholesalers and Exporter :

  • Generic Pharmaceuticals – Committed to delivering high quality, affordable medicines to every part of the world.
  • OTC – Over The Counter Medicines – Flagship OTC brands – approved and accepted by global standards.
  • Branded Pharmaceuticals – We fill the gap between quality and quantity by adding a touch of affordability.
  • Vitamins & Supplements – Adding balance to your diet by solving the different deficiencies with the right dosages
  • FMCG – Fast Moving Consumer Goods – Stocking the entire range from sanitary pads to foot care creams for your daily needs.
  • Medicine Supplies & Ancillaries – Discover an evolving range of consumables, diagnostic equipment and essential tools

Why Choose Pharmazon Global? 

  • Partners beyond business – In today’s competitive world, Pharmazon does not only offer best business solutions but also works closely with all the partners as a part of our own team.
  • Enriched market Expertise – With 25 years of experience in the industry, our team is always keen to share the market knowledge, upcoming trends & every market intelligence with our partners.
  • Value Added-Tailored services – We always strive to offer our best tailored services & solutions to our partners by adding extra value to their business.
  • Short Lead Time (24/7) – We understand the necessity of right medication on right time. Hence, be it a small inquiry or a large order, our team is always on toes to respond in shortest lead time. (within 24 hours)
  • Wide Market Reach – Pharmazon has a global market presence in UK, EU, ME, India, Africa & always keen to expand to new markets.
  • Wide product Access – We have direct accounts with many leading manufacturers in UK & partnered with various main distributors across every country in EU, which allows us access to wide product portfolio.