Pharmazon Global

UK’s Leading Pharmaceutical Wholesaler and Exporter Pharmazon Global is a leading UK pharmaceutical wholesaler, distributor, and exporter. With ever-rising demand from the Middle East and African regions.pharmaceutical wholesaler & global exporter of high-quality pharmaceuticals & healthcare products , operating from the United Kingdom. We specialise in global supply to wholesalers, pharmacy groups, hospitals, private hospitals, specialist clinics, importers, distributors and many other authorised and licensed healthcare providers.




Our Services

Customer & Supplier Validation

  • A key requirement for our customers is to be able to verify they have the
    authority to import, wholesale, distribute pharmaceuticals.
  • Pharmazon will require you to share a copy of the following:
    • Company Registration
    • Company Wholesale Dealers License
    • Import License – if appropriate
    • Certified Translations – where appropriate
  • Our trained regulatory team will make the necessary checks with the
    appropriate national competent authority
  • Once we have verified all aspects allow us to proceed, we will sign off
    the account opening forms and look to proceed with your order

Temperature Loggers

  • Pharmazon uses Temperature loggers with all shipments to ensure we can track and trace the temperature of the goods being delivered at all points throughout the journey.
  • This allows us to provide confidence and assurance to our customers the goods are being delivered in line with the temperature requirements of the manufacturer’s license.

Temperature Packaging

  • Pharmazon takes pride in making sure our customers receive goods in the best condition possible.
  • Goods are carefully checked before packing, photos taken of the finished packed goods can be supplied as extra peace of mind.
  • Trained warehouse operatives then carefully pack goods in sturdy, double corrugated cardboard boxes with extra packing protection added internally and between heavy goods to protect products within the boxes.
  • Boxes are security sealed with tape before being added to pallets and secured in place.
  • Warning & Information Labels are added to ensure clear instructions to the freight handlers about the storage temperature, contents.

Temperature Control

  • Each medicine will have a product license that will clearly state how the license holder/manufacturer requires the product to be stored.
  • Often this will be below 25 degrees, Room Temperature.
  • However, there are an increasing no of medicines that require refrigeration at temperatures between +2 to +8 degrees.  Referred to as ‘Fridge Lines’.
  • Whilst others require storage between 15 to 25 degrees, ambient temperatures.
  • So it is important to be aware of the variations in the storage requirements and to observe them at all times, during storage, handling and distribution.


  • It is important to handle the products in line with ‘GDP’ guidelines.
  • GDP – Good Distribution Practice, as defined by the MHRA promotes the guidelines for handling and distributing pharmaceuticals.
  • Pharmazon takes great care and attention to managing the process for the safe, secure transport of goods from our registered site in the UK to our customers in the UK, EU and around the world.
  • Vehicles are temperature mapped and fitted with loggers to ensure temperatures are always maintained within the required range
  • Routes are planned to reduce transit times, stop overs etc with a view to reducing risks to the products being transported